Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marriage. Check.

A lot of time has passed and a lot has happened in that time period. The biggest event being that I got married! Yesterday to be exact.

It was a beautiful ceremony in the Salt Lake temple followed by the reception of my dreams (at least for what we could afford) at the Salt Lake Hardware Building. All of our family were in attendance as well as the close friends and family that were able to attend. It was super fun and full of surprises and memories! More to come once we get back from the honeymoon.

In the meantime, to get you caught up, here are some of the engagement photos shot by Rachel Thurston here.

And also, check out some of the awesome photo booth pics we collected throughout the night on our website at So fun and I must say, we have some of the best-looking, if not funniest-looking, friends and family!