Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gift of Bacon

Every time my mom goes to Korea, it is quite the process. I have fond memories from back in the day when I would come home from school to find the living room floor used as a sorting surface with all kinds of random food items that my mom was going to take with her. Among these included coffee, Hershey's chocolate bars, beef jerky, and make-up, to name a few. But I'm not talking a few items, I mean boxes and boxes, and boxes!

She would strategically pack her bags to transport all of these products. Legally, of course, but it was always such a spectacle, especially if the bags were ever overweight. I always hated being "those Asians" holding up the airline ticketing line with their belongings strewn everywhere trying to redistribute weight among bags so as to meet baggage weight restrictions at the airport. I see families do that occasionally nowadays and it always brings back embarrassing memories.

My mom is going to Korea again soon to receive an award from the Peaceful Unification organization in Korea for her singing. But, as Korea is now well off as a modern society, no longer do they need such basics as chocolate and coffee. Apparently, needs have evolved, or at least my mom would hope.

Lucky for Denise, her days are now filled with awesome mommy and daddy Oh excerpts. Here's a recent one in regard to this subject:

(Phone rings)
Mom: "Uh Denise, you know that bacon? What is that? Costco....turkey something turkey bacon?"
"I like that very much. Very good taste. So how much in a pack?"
"Uhhh, two separate packages. There's a lot. Do you want me to buy some more?"
"Ok good, I take that to Korea. Very good gift."
"Mommy!!! Don't take that to Korea! It needs to stay refrigerated!"
"No, only one day, no problem."
"Mommy I don't know if that is good idea."
"No, one thing is, everything they have. Ham they do not have. This is very good taste, good gift. I bring to them."
(laughing) "Ok, mommy"
"Bye, bye"

I'm pretty sure they have plenty of ham in Korea. I just hope no one tells her there is also Costco in Korea.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hamster Cuteness

Further evidence that hamsters are the best rodent. Meep.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am going home to Seattle this weekend to babysit Kimball and Mia while Erik and Denise are away at a wedding in California. My specific duty this weekend is to tend to the children.

Now, I have no problem with children. In fact, I love my niece and nephew more than anything on this planet. But, the challenge I face every time I go home is making the transition from singledom to childrendom.

If you think about it, I live every day of my life thinking of me and only me. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I set my own schedule, I do or do not as I please and I don't have to answer or report to anybody.

Now, whenever I visit my niece and nephew, I enter a home occupied by children and it is always a transition. All of a sudden I have responsibilities. I need to help tend to the children. I should get up early to see that they are well. I need to put down my computer and play with them. And suddenly, my world is not my own any more, but theirs.

In no way am I complaining, all I'm saying, is, it's a transition. It's a change that I have to adapt to every time I see them. And I will say, they usually tire me out pretty quick. Kids are very demanding!

So this weekend, Denise has somehow deduced that I will be able to handle the children for a few days. I suppose if she believes in me, I should believe in me. I mean, they're just kids right? Although, sometimes I look at them and think, "They're like a big bear. All fluffy and soft. Then before you know, it's eating you alive."

I'm putting out the call to all you experienced children-watchers out there. Kimball is full of energy and Mia is mischievous. The last thing I want to do is to be sitting around being bored.

So here's my inquiry: What do you with kids?

Sometimes, I just don't have a clue what to do with them. So, I ask you to please respond with your ideas and thoughts on what we can all do together to stay busy in and out of the house. I apologize in advance as I will not likely take seriously any ideas related "crafts" as I don't really like crafts and I find that crafts just means: big mess to clean up.

Taking suggestions now...