Friday, May 29, 2009

Hairy Mia

I have so many things I keep meaning to blog about but no time to sit down and blog.

But one thing that's always easy to post about and pretty much speaks for herself, is my little niece Mia!

At only seven months, she has had several haircuts and is getting cuter and chubbier than ever! Apparently, in this pic, she was telling Denise a fantastic story of some sort. Too cute!

Here is a shrine of pics of my cute little niece Mia. I feel perfectly fine bragging about her and showing her off the to the world. This is one light I will not be hiding under any bushels.

I am looking forward to summer when I will get to spend a good few weeks with my niece and nephew in Utah. I love this little girl! And her big brother too!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things You Don't See on the BYU Campus

Ever since I started school here in Oregon, I have been meaning to start a regular series of blog posts along the lines of: "Things You Don't See on a BYU campus". But I have been too lazy and too busy to ever get it going. But this week, I am finally getting it started. There have been two things in particular that have prompted me to finally post.

Had I started when first inclined, I would have made mention of a few things, which include:

- really short shorts
- really short skirts
- beards
- long hair on men
- cleavage
- marijuana t-shirt sales tables
- bikes (if you'll remember, anything with wheels was banned from campus except on the roads around campus, which, for a school, always seemed so odd to me. Bicycles just seemed synonymous with college life...)
- Atheist Club

Despite being behind, I am going to make it up right here, right now.

Something you do not see on the BYU campus, in particular, the Daily Universe newspaper, but you do see on the University of Oregon campus, in the Oregon Daily Emerald:

I think the BYU Journalism and Advertising department would prefer take a hit in ad sales for the month, than revert to adult entertainment advertising.

On the other hand, I did see something on campus that one would see at BYU:

This cookie made my day today. My friends didn't get it at all. But any cookie, with Nutrition Information for four servings for one cookie, is worth at least 5-seconds of justifiable freak out time. I found the cookie in the student activity center. I have probably been in that building three times. Once to get my student card, once to pick up Joshua Radin tickets and today, to do stuff for a class project. Finding this cookie was a gold mine! It's hard to find Granny B's cookies anywhere but Utah. I did find them at the corner 7-Eleven on Gateway and Barrington in West LA and that conjured up at least 5-seconds of freak out then. It was awesome.

Anyway, I used to limit myself to one of these cookies a day when a freshman at BYU. At four servings a cookie and six grams of fat per serving, no wonder I weighed 145 lbs. at the end of that year. That's a lot for me considering I weighed about 115 when I graduated from high school. Let's hope I don't repeat...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cereal: Part II

Referring back to a past post:

I received this envelope in the mail from my parents last week. (Please excuse me for being paranoid and blocking out my address, but you gotta be careful these days.)

When I opened it, all I found was a check made out to me. No note, no nothing. So, looking at the envelope again, I noticed this written at the bottom corner of the envelope:

I just laughed. They are too funny. talking to my mom later that day this is what she told me, "No more cereal, okay? Mommy, daddy think this money helps you for eating."

Truly. I feel full already.