Monday, February 16, 2009

No LDS in Eugene

There are no LDS in Eugene! Well, it seems like there are no LDS in Eugene. This statement can be interpreted in two ways, maybe more, but only two I care to address:

1. There are no LDS in Eugene: Not true. There are a lot of Latter-day Saints in Eugene, just not many my age that do not already have three kids, of which I am totally fine with. The LDS that are here, are dope. This is not my beef. Please see item 2.

2. There are no LDS in Eugene: According to my standards, true. There are no Local Donut Shops in Eugene and it is frustrating. I Yahoo'd "donut shops in Eugene" online and found five. FIVE shops! Eugene is home to almost 155,000 people! It is the second largest city in Oregon! And it spans 40.6 sq. miles! (whatever that means) Yet there are only five donut shops to feed the entire Eugene population?!

It angers me.

Maybe there are more donuts shops out there that I do not know about, but the fact that I do not recognize ever driving by one or knowing where one is off the top of my head, just goes to show that there are not enough LDS in the area.

What do I have to do to get a donut around here?!
- The donuts sold on campus are way over-priced. The cake donuts are priced the same as the raised donuts and that right there is indicative of the campus cafe's lack of donut knowledge.

- I refuse to settle for below par donuts from Safeway and Albertsons. Those days are so high school. My palette is much more developed and refined now and if I am going to munch on fat, it better be good fat. A Safeway donut would be an insult.

- I do not see the ingenuity in a bakery or a local coffee shop which only offers a small variety of donuts next to its array of other inferior baked goods, the two are clearly incomparable.

If I want a donut, I want it from an LDS. Is it too much to ask that there be at least one LDS somewhere near me? Of the five truly committed LDS here in Eugene, none of them have I yet run by, driven by or even happened upon. I went searching for three the other day, all no less than a 5-mile drive, and the results were as such:

- now a Korean restaurant (admittedly, not a bad substitute)
- closed
- open with only buttermilk donuts.

I admit, sometimes life is just hard. It is not always roses petals and shell-shaped soaps, and as such, not Krispy Kremes and Winchell's. Ho hum...I just do not feel like I am expecting more than what makes sense. I would not mind a little donut shop on the corner every few miles to reassure me that everything is going to be fine. Donuts make life better.

Bottom line: If I died a horrible death but with a lion's bite of donut in my mouth, everything would be ok. I would only hope my grieving family and friends would feel the same way and know that I went in peace.

Donuts. My love. My joy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny grandma...though likely fake.

I saw this video post from the Ellen Degeneres show and I cracked up!

Ellen calls a fan who had left a message telling Ellen to move the "spikey" plant behind her because it was distracting. The exchange is unreal and so funny.

I think the grandma isn't real which is unfortunate, but it's still hilarious! It's worth the full 6:51.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Packages in Pink

Today, I felt like a missionary on P-day all over again.

I can not stress enough what it is like to receive mail that is not demanding money for services rendered! I love it! And today was so great!

I came home from a long day studying for mid-term exams to find a key to the "big" mailboxes in my usual mailbox mixed in with my usual mail. Getting a "key" is every mail-mongers dream as it means you got something BIG! Since I have been in Eugene, I have received "the big key" a few times and every time has been exciting. Today was no exception. Inside the BIG box was a perfectly wrapped package in brown paper with familiar writing I recognized as Rachel's, which was even more exciting, because she ALWAYS sends good stuff!

Smile on face and package held tightly against my chest, I walked happily to my apartment with an added hop in my step. When I finally opened the package, my excitement quickly faded. What I saw nearly made me barf.

Pink. Pink, pink, pink. Blech. Who sends pink to ME? Since when is pink in my life acceptable? Who decided that pink was okay? What makes pink necessary, at all?!

Rachel knows me well and intentionally bombarded me with pink crap, which is exactly what pink stuff is: crap. But could I really complain? The package was so cute (pink = cute) and everything in it, despite being pink, was what I liked.

So, I figure, I will have to plug my nose when I eat the strawberry Whoppers or draw a black Sharpie 'X' on all of the Hello Kitty bandages, but that is okay, because it was such a great surprise for a hectic day and I loved it. I know it was sent with love.

Thanks Rachel! You'll always be my favorite sister! I love you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rockin' the Hair

I would like to just squeeze these too!