Thursday, October 29, 2009

William-Sonoma A-Z

For all of you kitchen connoisseurs, you gotta check out this blog post from Jennie Doezie, a true kitchen gear junkie. For eight years she has worked at William-Sonoma on a part-time basis and in this post, she says her farewell, and shows off her kitchen full of her employee-discounted purchases. I'm sure WS will miss you Jennie!

Doezieland - Good-bye, my lover

Baby Safe Ball Shaker

Terribly funny. For those times when you just can't take it anymore.

New BabySafe Ball Makes Shaking Your Infant Guilt And Injury Free

Monday, October 26, 2009

The hottest baby toy is what?

Introducing the hottest selling baby toy on right now, Sophie the rubber giraffe. Not to be mistaken for a dog toy, this giraffe is soft to the baby touch, light and easy to hold and when you squeeze it, it squeaks, er, I mean, makes a "happy sound"!

Rachel was in Europe and picked one up for little Mia's first birthday. Mia liked it all right. I guess for a teething baby, it might come in handy more.

Anyway, for all you mom's out there, this is probably old news. But just in case you're looking for a good baby gift, look to the rubber giraffe. It doesn't look like much, but apparently, millions of babies agree, it's a winner.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lois, Mom clip

This is such a great clip from the irreverent but hilarious animated sitcom, "Family Guy."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Modern Life

I love my new apt. It is a cute brick building. Wood floors. Big kitchen. Big bedroom. Lots of space all around. And super close to campus. It's an older building and with that, comes the absence of some of life's little luxuries, although now in these modern times, these items wouldn't really be considered luxuries, but rather, basic necessities.

While much of the apartment has been upgraded, two little features I have become accustomed to are: a garbage disposal and a dishwasher.

When I signed the lease, I was very aware that these two amenities were not included in the apartment, but, just as I had thought I could live without a washer/dryer way back when, I mistakenly assumed the same thinking I could do without these two luxuries this time around.

Such an absence has burdened me much. Now when cooking, I have to remember that anything I dump into the sink, I eventually have to fish out with my hand. And while I used to enjoy washing the occasional cup and bowl, it's inconsequential compared to washing ALL of the cups, bowls, plates, pots, pans and utensils, ALL of the time! Washing a lot of forks individually blows.

I realize that it may sound as though I am complaining, which is why I propose this challenge so you too, can feel my pain.

For one week, assume everyday business in your kitchen, except that you do not have a disposal nor a dishwasher. Experience for yourself the difficulties so many endured before the dawn of modern kitchen appliantry. I am certain that you, as have I, will learn quickly how fortunate we are to live in this day and age where we don't have to pull mushy scraps and leftover yuck out of the kitchen drain regularly and where dish-pan hands are a thing of the past. Then, you will be grateful.

It is times like this where I anger at the thought of my mom who continues to use her brand new, state-of-the-art, dishwasher only as a drying rack and still covers the drain of the In-Sink-Erator to catch food and other debris. Grrr...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mia hears food

Mia is a food fiend. She is nuts about food and gets angry when she sees food but can't have it. She has super food senses and it seems that she can spot food from far away. My dad loves to just sit and watch her eat.

At 11 months, she is also an avid walking. I gave my mom a bag of treats I brought back from China and Mia immediately perked up when she heard the crinkling of the bag.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Faces without names

Pretty much my whole life having friends, my dad has never been able to remember any of my friend's names. Granted, when I was little, I had one friend and he didn't have a problem remembering what she was called, but as soon as I started accruing more and more friends, the less he was able to identify who was whom.

Since fourth grade, I pretty much had the same friends up through high school. Most of them, I spent all my time with and talked to on a daily basis. My dad would pick them up for sports, answer the phone when they called, greet them when they dropped by. Yet, he was never able to put a name with a face.

To my dad, all of them had one name. Specifically, one of friends was named Maren and in his mind, all of them were called Maren. Ariane, white and tall, and Mylinh, Vietnamese and smiley, were the two I hung out with the most, yet to him, they were both named Maren, who was white and red-headed. For some reason, he just couldn't get them straight.

And it's never really gotten much better. My two close friends in college were Holly, white and blond, and Kyong, Korean and short. Although he didn't call them "Maren," they only became, "the one who showers long time" and "the one who showers long time friend".

So, this weekend I am in Seattle and as I was driving in, I called my dad to let him know what time I would arrive.

Me: I'm almost home, dad.
Dad: Oh good good. Did you drive alone?
Me: Yes.
Dad: No good. You didn't bring um, he, what, uh, he, um...
(At this point, I can bail him out and give him the name he is looking for, or choose to let him continue to fish for it. This time around I let him try to figure it out.)
Dad:, he, what, he, um, eh...What his name?
Me: Kyle.
Dad: Yes! Kyle. He come?
Me: Nope.
Dad: Oh.

Granted, he hasn't spent a ton of time with Kyle, but he knows who he is, he asks about him often, and he's met him several times. Plus, Kyle and I have been dating for almost a year. But that's usually how it goes. He racks his brain, throws out names and hopes he picks the right one.

Bless him. At least all my old school friends know my dad well enough that they've excepted the fact that they are all Maren to him.