Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Working schmorking

I remember when I worked and I was confined to an office from exactly 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and often I would just daydream about what I would be doing if I didn't have to work.

As a student, I have a good amount of freedom with my schedule to do anything I want. Though I don't want to rub it anyone's face, one of the favorite thoughts I like to let run through my head when I am out and about on a normal week day aside from this thought, "I know why I am not working but how is it that all of you aren't working?" is: (secretly pointing to people in their offices) "You're working and I am not. Neener, neener."

So, now that I am on spring break and I have even more time on my hands, I am somewhat at a loss for what I COULD be doing with my time. So if I may pick your brains, could you help me fill my time? Answer me this: If you could take do anything during the day while everyone else is at work and take a day off with no responsibilities to get errands done or squeeze in a doctor's appointment, but just to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Help me out folks.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Up! kid

I don't know this child but he makes a perfect little Up! boy scout.

Monday, March 15, 2010

70 and Beautiful

On March 3 my mom turned 70 years old and that weekend, we celebrated.

Pretty much just short of a full-on wedding reception, we threw her a party to be remembered, but more importantly, to celebrate her and her amazing voice. We invited 200 of her closest friends, re-decorated the church basketball court, served up 25 Korean dishes with the help of the Korean Branch and hired a sound mixer to record the music she would sing that evening.

My mother sang seven songs in the chapel and she directed the Korean church choir in six songs. I always look forward to hearing my mom sing and that night, her voice filled the room. She was flawless and she sounded as clear as ever. She looked like she could not have been happier and the music seemed to flow through her. She is truly happiest when she is singing.

Had I not been so preoccupied with dealing with a finicky video projector, I may have had my wits enough to know to set up a video camera and record my mom. Unfortunately, all I got was this, but I guess it's good enough:

For a look back at her life and everything she has accomplished, I made this little video for her. Unfortunately, I was limited to what I could do creatively as I didn't have the right equipment to really do what I would like to, but this seemed to suffice. (The audio is a little quirky. You should be able to hear background music throughout though my voice may be a bit loud.)

It was an amazing, though tiring, night and everyone had a great time.

We even hired a lady to turn the church gym into a wedding hall. It's amazing what people can do with a sewing machine and imagination!

As for the dress I picked...well, after much discussion and modeling, I chose the black Ralph Lauren. Everyone was actually very pleased with the plum Ralph Lauren and it was almost a toss-up, but what it came down to, was the shrug. It just didn't look quite right, and with three shrugs in the house to choose from, it didn't seem like we would find one that would work.

So with only an hour to go before the party was to start, my sister and I ran to the mall. With very little time and an array of choices, we quickly grabbed these smokin' hot, beautiful, ruby red, BCBG "peep-toe" pumps and some jewelery that made me feel like a Christmas tree.

Good news is: mission accomplished! My mom approved. I looked very pretty and I was feeling very tall. Whether I was white enough or not, did not come up for discussion. Since there were no complaints, I will assume she was satisfied.

I do remember a comment from Jennie wondering how "tall" managed into the equation, well, looking at the pics of me amongst my family, I am kind of the tall one, even without heels. Erik is just barely taller than me, but other than that, I am pretty much the one they call on when they need to reach something on the top shelf. It feels kind of cool sometimes to be that person.

(In this pic is Kimball, Denise, Erik, Mia, my Mom, my cousin Sam, Rachel, Me, my aunt, my dad, and my Uncle)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


After every term of papers, reports, presentations and everything else that school demands, there's nothing I enjoy more than spending my break lounging around with a brainless book. As many of my friend's know, I'm always asking for "ChickLit" recommendations and they usually do not disappoint.

Now as Spring Break approaches, I am on the hunt for another worthless book to "rest" my brain with. In searching for something that will at least be entertaining, I found this great website: www.ChickLitClub.com. It is the ULTIMATE ChickLit resource!

For anyone in my same position who just likes to entertain themselves with nothing short of rubbish, this website will likely help you find the best rubbish there is to offer. Check it out!

I am also taking book suggestions if there is a great brainless book you've read recently...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am without my laptop. I feel a void in my life. A hole unfilled. A rock unturned.

I am going on day 4 without my laptop and I am near exploding. It's like I've had a finger cut off. It's a horrible feeling. I won't see it again until Friday. It's in the shop being repaired and it's killing me to be away from it.

As soon as I get it back, I'll post a report of the 70th Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Just so you all know: I picked black.