Thursday, May 10, 2012


My new hair dryer! It may not seem all that exciting, but it is for me!

It's the BaByliss Pro TT, Tourmaline Titanium, ceramic ionic hair dryer.

I have been ogling this hair dryer for years! Back then, I bought one for my sister, then one for my sister-in-law but because I already had one that worked decently, I never felt that I could justify spending so much on a new one. Thankfully, now enough time has passed where my hair dryer has fizzled out, runs hot but hardly blows any air, is now inefficient, and just isn't getting the job done. Yay! So I finally got the one I've long wanted.

This thing is amazing for so many reasons:
        • Dries my hair in 2-3 minutes, instead of the usual 6-7.
        • Makes my hair super soft.
        • Doesn't leave my hair frizzy and tangled.
        • Makes my hair easier to style.
I love this thing and it is finally mine!

Case for the extra cost
BaByliss is a professional grade brand and pricier than your general Conair or Revlon model that you might find at any Target or Walmart. I haven't tried an ionic hair dryer from one of those brands, but I believe that the BaByliss brand and other pro brands are the best for personal hair care products. When I bought my hair straightener six years ago, a Solia product, I loved it from the beginning and I have been a big believer in the pro products since. I think they are made better, hold up better, perform better, are gentler on your hair, and overall, are a better value for what you get. is my go-to resource for reviews and for finding the best prices on products. It is where I bought the hair dryers and straighteners that I bought for my family and for myself.

So why am I raving about a hair dryer? Well, it's just all about the performance. Yeah, it's pricy for pro products, but for all of the above-mentioned benefits, it is so worth it to me.

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