Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh Fam Vaca, Seabrook in WA

Soon, I will figure out how to edit Matt into the photo.
Call it a family vacation, call it a family reunion, the Oh's did it Oh style this weekend descending on Seabrook, a beach town in Pacific Beach off the Washington coast.

Looking back, I realize I should have taken more photos as the weekend turned out to be super fun, relaxing and perfect for all of us. Yes, as opposed to other vacations which in some cases, have turned out to be uneventful and usually ending in my mom saying, "Next time we not come here." This time, no such sentiment was expressed and from all accounts, everyone loved it!

Seabrook is new and up and coming. It's a VERY small beach town and more like a planned community for the vacationer. Though very small and still establishing itself, it was perfect for my family in so many ways. First of all, the house we rented was beautiful. All of the homes in Seabrook look to be part of a planned development with strict guidelines to maintain a certain style and feel for a beach community mimicking a Cape Cod-esque setting. We stayed in GG's Grotto and it was brand new, amazing and comfortable in every way. It was the perfect size for us and had every amenity we needed for our short stay.

Second, the setting is small and quaint. Everything we would need in a vacation destination was provided and within a mile walk. Volleyball courts, swimming pool, hot tub, parks, bocci ball, horse shoes, basketball, pickleball, fire pits, a small market, one small restaurant, bike rentals and of course, the beach, were all within a 1-10 minute walk. When we arrived we walked to the beach to take in the sunset, then headed back home for some Korean eats, kalbi, rice and kimchi. (Word to the wise, the market is VERY small. Barely acceptable even as a "quick stop". Buy everything you need before you leave Aberdeen.)

Matt at sunset.

Third, I just mentioned all of the activities accessible in a small radius, and for a family like mine that NEEDS to be entertained, we definitely didn't have a shortage of options to keep us busy. The kids swam in the pool, played at the beach, we made s'mores one night at one of the many fire pits (wood provided), half of us rented bikes and we only had enough time to talk about playing bocci ball, horseshoes and pickle ball. We just didn't make our trip long enough to really enjoy all of the possibilities, but it'll definitely be a good setting for another year.

Family Time
All in all, mission accomplished. We wanted to get the family together now that my parents have returned from Korea, and just enjoy time with everyone. Of course, getting together with my parents is never lacking of memorable moments.

When my parents stayed with Matt and I in Utah while my dad was recovering earlier this year, my dad took on one of Matt's morning rituals: cereal. My mom, who is accommodating in every way, of course made sure that both Matt and my dad, had many options.


Salsa Contest
We played at the beach on Saturday, BBQ'd hot dogs at the house, and of course, had a mini salsa making contest! The teams were Matt and my brother, Rachel and my mom and Denise and me. We bought basic salsa ingredients to start: tomatoes, onions, cilantro (yuck!), jalapenos, limes, lemons, garlic, salt and pepper. Then we had a drawing for special ingredients: mango, peach, pineapple. Each team had 10 minutes to make their salsa and of course, my dad was the judge.

While I don't trust my dad's taste buds, he was the judge and not knowing who made what, he chose Rachel and mom's. It was a fun little activity that everyone could be a part of!

The Beach

While Washington beaches are not like California beaches, they are beaches. Matt brought two kites, one that he bought in China for $0.50 and another kite, a delta kite. The Chinese kite took flight the moment he pulled it out of the package.

The we played around with the wind and another kite that Matt had brought. 

Erik and the kids played in the freezing water without hardly flinching. They dunked themselves multiple times while I could hardly stand to have my feet in the water!

Vacation Success
All in all, everyone really liked it. There was a lot to do in a very cute and welcoming town. While there wasn't much shopping to be had, no ice cream shop, no homemade fudge, no candy store, no trinket store, there definitely were a lot of other great activities and fun things to do to keep us occupied. Who really buys anything anyway?

Little Boden and his big brother.
Daddy and Matt having a little fun with Kimball.


Holly C M said...

Oh, oh, oh. Loved seeing a glimpse of your reunion. Darling little kids, funny video, and a possible location for our reunion.

cath said...

1. love.

2. REALLY love.

3. SOMEBODY looks like his siblings! and fun name!

4. the first thing i thought when i saw "salsa competition" was, "how can moh make salsa when she loathes cilantro???"

and in conclusion ... love it ... and you!!

Shondra from Dwellable said...

Such cute pictures! My husband and I just discovered Seabrook last weekend and fell in love with it.

I'd love to feature this post on our Northwest-based site. Email me for details!

shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com